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Advertising on Digital Performance directories is simple.

You have two main choices: build your brand with cost-per-thousand (CPM) advertising on the directories or focus on building your sales volume with pay-for-performance (P4P) advertising in our year/make/model search engine. Manufacturers prefer the brand building they can get from CPM advertising, while most resellers prefer P4P advertising for an immediate sales boost.

Benefits you can only find on the Digital Performance directory sites:

  • Over 7,000,000 visitors in 2007
  • Year/make/model performance parts search through the largest database of its kind on the Internet: over 850,000 parts!
  • The only vertical search engine with advanced click fraud protection
  • The only aftermarket directory with over 30,000 companies and organizations listed
  • Traffic comes to our sites for the right reason. No pictures of bikini babes or funny videos. Just a performance information site where the hard core enthusiasts come to research and buy.


Pay-for-Performance (P4P) Advertising: STOP paying for 'waste' exposure!

You already know that most of your ad money is wasted on non-prospects. Now, Digital Performance gives you a way to change that fact.
You may already know us as the company that draws millions of visitors to its sites for the sole purpose of researching parts and accessories for their cars or trucks.

With our P4P ad program, your ad only appears to a site visitor searching for the parts you sell (or make) - when they are in the process of researching to buy. That means your ad hits when the prospect is a "hot lead

Be prepared for high quality leads and an extraordinary conversion rate.

pay-for-performance advertisingGet going in minutes!
Select hundreds; even thousands of exposure opportunities with a single click.

Compete with multi-million dollar marketing campaigns for just a few cents per prospect.
Five years of delivering quality information to consumers has built the confidence and respect reflected in millions of visits to our directory sites. Now, that credibility is available to you at the critical point in the sales process where your inexpensive ad banner placement has maximum leverage.

Your well-placed and well-phrased ad banner appearing on the results page of a search can tilt the purchase decision toward your better-presented product or service right at the moment of truth.

pay-for-performance advertisingGoogle and Yahoo just don't compare.
Google and Yahoo are not well suited to searching for performance parts - especially for a particular vehicle -- up to 80% of results are not useful.

Total Quality Targeting.
Searches on the DPI Marketplace, especially those based on year/make/model criteria, produce only quality results, and deliver serious prospects.

Only actual prospects - who can depend on the parts fitting their vehicles - will see your ad banner.

Isn't it time you stopped wondering how much of your ad budget is wasted? With DPI P4P, none of it will be.

Low cost per prospect click.
A click on your ad brings a prospect to your site. These are typical click rates for DPI sites:
Air induction25¢
Custom shift knob25¢
Exhaust tip25¢
Custom gauges25¢
Aero package25¢
NOS system25¢

By comparison, businesses that have done the hard analysis have determined that the cost of landing a new customer can be as much as $100!

DPI's P4P program brings pre-qualified prospects for less than a dollar each.

Cost per thousand (CPM) Advertising on

Advertising on can help you stretch your marketing budget. With over 6,000 listings -- and growing daily! -- and over 25,000 visitors to the website each day, it is the most cost effective way to reach your target market and maintain your presence in the Industry.

With the flux of racers and enthusiasts coming into the racing and high performance arena, being able to sustain your presence in the marketplace is key to getting more return business and being able to expand your customer base.

Advertising on makes it possible for you to maintain your exposure. For roughly the same cost as a one month print ad, you will be able to reach thousands of racing enthusiasts WORLDWIDE for a YEAR!

Currently there are 4 levels of advertising, Home Page, "Tab" Home Page, Main Category and Category Listings.

Home Page: The Home Page gives you maximum exposure. The cost of a Home Page banner also includes placement on 3 other categories.

"Tab" Home Page: The "Tabs" are segmented into Market Niches (i.e., road course, oval track, etc.), and give you maximum exposure for the specific niche you cater to. The cost of a "Tab" Home Page banner also includes placement on 2 other categories.

Main Category: The Main Category level gives you excellent exposure in your specialty product lines (i.e., exhaust, wheels & tires, etc.). The cost includes banner placement on any one category of the Main Categories available.

Category Listings: Advertising on the Category Listing level is easily the most affordable level of exposure. This level gives you banner placement on any five category listing pages for under $50 per month (based on annual one-time payment).

You can download our rate card and order form to fax in which gives you complete pricing information and file size requirements. You will need Acrobat Reader to view the file.

Also feel free to contact us at (949) 379-6300 or write to us at