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Address:100 Pirelli Dr.
Rome, GA 30161 US - map it
Phone:(800) 747-3554
E-mail: Contact Pirelli Tire North America
Website:Go to Pirelli Tire North America's website
Description:Pirelli Tire North America & Pirelli Tire North America Parts offer - Manufacturer of tires for high-performance, touring cars and light-truck/SUV applications.

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  • Tire and Wheel Packages

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  • Automomtive Aftermarket Performance Directory

    Pirelli P6000
    by Pirelli Tire North America

    Tire description P6000 is the choice of the most prestigious car manufacturers. Developed with PASS (Pirelli Active Safety System) technology, P6000 enhances the capability of existing safety systems on modern cars, by improving the performance of th...more