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Address:10601 Memphis Ave. #12
Cleveland, OH 44144-2043 US - map it
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Description:ACCEL DFI & ACCEL DFI Parts offer - ACCEL offers turnkey systems for big- and small-block Chevys and small-block Fords, as well as components to build custom systems. DFI’s new Gen VII OEM-style speed-density modeling strategy accepts user-entered information to precisely customize the PCM function to the application. When the user installs the system, he enters a few parameters into the Windows-based CalMap software (including bore and stroke, compression ratio, cam specs, fuel pressure, cylinder head parameters, and intake runner length), which then generates a baseline calibration that not only starts the engine, but in many cases also permits driving the car immediately without major “manual” fuel map programming.

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    ACCEL/DFI Thruster EFI Engine Management System
    by ACCEL DFI

    New from ACCEL/DFI is the revolutionary Thruster EFI Engine Management System, available with or without Wide Band. Designed to run eleven different Ignition configurations, the Thruster EFI is the only true sequential aftermarket V/E Based EFI Syste...more

    Pro-Ram for Small Block Chevy
    by ACCEL DFI

    PRO-RAM for SMALL BLOCK CHEVY (Except With Vortec Heads) Fully programmable electronic fuel injection by DFI is here. Introducing the Pro-Ram Single Plane Small Block Multi-Port Spark/Fuel Management. The new system is available with a cast 750 CF...more

    Fuel Injection Dual Sync Distributor
    by ACCEL DFI

    ACCEL/DFI DUAL SYNC DISTRIBUTORS • One distributor generates two signals, cam and crank for sequential fire fuel injected motors • All popular applications available • LED readout allows you to sync up without expensive equipment • Billet distr...more

    High Flow Fuel Injectors
    by ACCEL DFI

    ACCEL Performance Fuel Injectors provide precise control of fuel delivery and atomization for increased  power, improved throttle response and better fuel economy. ACCEL Performance Fuel Injectors are available in numerous flow ratings from ...more

    Super-Ram for Big Block Chevy
    by ACCEL DFI

    SUPER-RAM for BIG BLOCK CHEVY • Increases HP & Torque • Crisper Throttle Response • Improved Fuel Economy Now, big block Chevy owners can enjoy the advantages of electronic fuel injection.“Super-Ram” intake manifold plenum and runners are d...more

    Pro-Ram for Small Block Ford
    by ACCEL DFI

    PRO-RAM for SMALL BLOCK FORD 289-302 Introducing the Ford Pro-Ram Single Plane Small Block Multi-Port Spark/Fuel Management System. The new system is available with a cast 750 CFM throttle body, single plane intake manifold, and 24 #/hr injectors ...more

    DFI Generation 7+ Engine Management System
    by ACCEL DFI

    DFI Generation 7+ Programmable Engine Management Systems The new ACCEL/DFI Generation 7+ Engine Management System is the... • BEST EQUIPPED, • MOST CAPABLE • EASIEST TO USE system in its class! Click Here to Visit Accel DFI...more