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Address:16182 Gothard St, Unit P
Huntington Beach, CA 92647 US - map it
Phone:(714) 602-5741
Fax:(714) 625-8538
E-mail: Contact EDO Performance, LLC
Website:Go to EDO Performance, LLC's website
Description:EDO Performance, LLC & EDO Performance, LLC Parts offer - EDO Performance based in Austin, Texas, has been specializing in automobile performance efficiency control instrumentation since 2003. EDO Performance has a showroom as well as a fully stocked warehouse in Austin. In order to provide our customers with the most efficient on time delivery service, EDO has fully stocked warehouses on the West Coast, as well as East Coast and provides next day standard delivery service options to most cities. EDO Performance is a direct distributor for many renowned Japanese automotive performance manufacturers such as Defi, ZERO/SPORTS, Tomei, Jun, and many more.

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  • Automomtive Aftermarket Performance Directory

    Route WTPMS (Wireless Tire Pressure Monitoring System)
    by EDO Performance, LLC

    Now you can easily monitor the air pressure and temperature of your tires anytime you want to with this sleek new offering from ROUTE now available for the first time in the North American market!! The Wireless Tire Pressure Monitoring System dire...more