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CHATSWORTH, CA 91311 US - map it
Phone:818 775-9804 OR 1888 MRBOLTS
Fax:818 775-0564
E-mail: Contact DMP Enterprises Inc
Website:Go to DMP Enterprises Inc's website
Description:DMP Enterprises Inc & DMP Enterprises Inc Parts offer - DMP Enterprises was started in 1991 as a custom metal polishing shop called Distinctive Metal Polishing. Over the years we noticed the increasing demand from our customers of where to locate all types of fasteners, thus DMP Fasteners was born. Our facility carries a wide varity of fasteners from such name brands as Auveco, Durham, Cam Carr, Holo-Krome, Permabond, Continental Aero, Darling Bolt, Ideal, Tridon, Hot toppers, FK and ARP. DMP carries over 8,000 line items in stock with over 1 million pc on hand and the ability to access over 300,000 items threw distribution centers hroughout the U.S and Europe with many vendors able to drop ship anywhere in the world. Fastener metals stocked in American & Metric include steel, stainless, monel and titanium. Grades stocked are A2, 5,8,9, 8.8, 10.9 and 12.9. Finishes we carry are raw & polished stainless, black ,yellow and clear zinc, Polished Chrome and black oil . DMP manufactures our own line of polished chrome and stainless fastners in house being the only company producing high quality fasteners in California. We also stock t-bolt & worm gear, adell clamps, all thread, electrical supplies including NSPA sealed electrical connectors. New this year in 2008 is a full line of XRP hose fittings and race hose with inhouse assembly of lines.

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  • Accessory Clamps

  • Heat Shielding Accessories

  • Heat Shielding: Insulation-Material

  • Heat Shielding: Shields

  • Automatic Transmission Components:
  • Transmission: Cases

  • Bolts:
  • Cylinder Head Bolts

  • Cylinder Studs

  • Charging System:
  • Batteries: Battery Cables And Accessories

  • Batteries: Battery Terminals & Accessories

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  • Connecting Rods

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  • Crankshafts

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  • Head Accessories

  • Stock Replacement

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  • Engine Overhaul Kits

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  • Exhaust Manifolds and Headers:
  • Headers: Performance Headers

  • Fasteners:
  • 1/4 Turn Fasteners: Accessories

  • 1/4 Turn Fasteners: Fasteners

  • 1/4 Turn Fasteners: Kits

  • Bolts

  • Cable Ties : Tie Wrap

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  • Hand Tools

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  • Manual Transmission Components

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  • Clamps: Line Clamps

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  • Fuel Lines

  • Hose

  • Hose Ends and Other Fittings


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  • Sealants

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  • Root Superchargers

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  • Crankshaft Pulleys: Radius Tooth

  • Drive Components

  • Superchargers Drive Kits

  • Valve Covers:
  • Valve Covers

  • Automomtive Aftermarket Performance Directory

    polished chrome hardware
    by DMP Enterprises Inc

    We manufacture a complete line of chrome hardware in all head styles. From nuts,bolts and washers we have what your looking for.Dealer inquires welcolme....more

    Fk Rod Ends
    by DMP Enterprises Inc

    Dmp is proud to offer this year FK Rod ends in stainless, steel and aluminum. For complete catalog visit our web site to download and view their great selection. Race show inquires welcome....more

    XRP black hose fittings
    by DMP Enterprises Inc

    Dmp stocks a full line of XRP Performance Hose and Fittings.  Fittings available in red/blue, black, satin nickel and ti-finish. Hose is Parker CPE in Stainless Braid and Black cloth along with HS-79 Ultra lite flexible smooth bore teflon. We ca...more

    Over 8000 items in stock
    by DMP Enterprises Inc

    DMP carries a hugh inventory of grd 5,8,9 hardware as well as metric 8.8,10.9, 12.9 and 14.9. We are able to get just about anything you need for your project. We manufacture our own line of polished chrome and polished stainless. For the racers we c...more

    Permabond Engineering Adhesives
    by DMP Enterprises Inc

    DMP stocks a complete line anarobic adhesives. ...more

    Automotive wire in GP and GXL
    by DMP Enterprises Inc

    DMP stocks wire in small 12-35 ft sections and in 100 ft spools. ...more

    T-Bolt clamps
    by DMP Enterprises Inc

    DMP stocks high quality t-bolt clamps from 1.25" to 8" from Breeze Mfg....more

    Stainless Line clamps
    by DMP Enterprises Inc

    DMP carries sizes  from 3/16 -1 3/4 in stainless 18-8...more

    Chrome Pike Nuts
    by DMP Enterprises Inc

    Available in standard and metric sizes...more

    Koul Tools
    by DMP Enterprises Inc

    DMP stocks Koul Tools for people tired of cutting their finger by sharp frayed Stainless braided hose. Will Work on all brands of fittings. DMP also rents Koul Tools by the day....more

    Excela Wash 32oz kit
    by DMP Enterprises Inc

    This is the best investment anyone can do for any of their vehicles. Excela wash is a dry wash that leaves no residue and is simply effortless. Can be used on paint,chrome,aluminum and glass. kit comes with 32 bottle of excela wash, pump and 1 micro ...more

    Thread Checker
    by DMP Enterprises Inc

    Checks standard and metric size bolts, nuts and gives you thread pitch. Must have for any garage....more

    Metal storge box
    by DMP Enterprises Inc

    DMP carries name brands such as Durham, Bull and many more. These boxes fit in a rack system. All sizes available. For complete catalog visit our web site and click on the Durham Catalog....more

    Sealed electrical connectors
    by DMP Enterprises Inc

    DMP carries a complete line of sealed and solder sealed electrical connectors. These connectors seal out moister form the elements that often plague our vehicles. Sold in bags of 50pc....more

    American Made Cable Ties
    by DMP Enterprises Inc

    Tired of cheap cable ties that fail. Try American made ACT Cable Ties. Available from 4" to 48" in 18,50,120 lb strength. In Uv Black and natural Heat stabilized. ...more

    GM weather pack connectors and supplies
    by DMP Enterprises Inc

    DMP carries a complete selection of weather pack male and female connectors, pins and rubber boots....more

    HOT Toppers Plastic Bolt covers
    by DMP Enterprises Inc

    Available in chrome and gloss black fits most hex,allen and buttonhead bolts, even nuts. Fits some metric....more

    ARP Racing Fasteners
    by DMP Enterprises Inc

    DMP carries a complet line of 12 point and hex bolts in bulk. No more buying 5 packs of what you dont need....more

    XRP push-on hose fittings.
    by DMP Enterprises Inc

    Complete line of push on hose fittings, ask about our race/dealer program....more