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Whitfield Racing / Rage Performance  Whitfield Racing / Rage Performance Whitfield Racing / Rage Performance products showcase

Address:8455 Loma Place
Upland, CA 91786 US - map it
Phone:1-877-472-4300 or (909) 608-7123
Fax:(909) 608-7213
E-mail: Contact Whitfield Racing / Rage Performance
Website:Go to Whitfield Racing / Rage Performance's website
Description:Whitfield Racing / Rage Performance & Whitfield Racing / Rage Performance Parts offer - As most people know theres a new shop in town. When you combine 2 of the most popular shops and a group of very talented people what do you get Whitfield Racing. Owners of Rage Performance Inc and Hookups Import Tek decided what better way to give the public the best the nicest the cleanest work then to do it together. People still may get confused from time to time but Whitfield Racing does EXACTLY what each individual shop did before but together making it bigger and available to provide a lot more to the public. Located in the "old" Hookups building we have everything you need to start and complete your engine upgrades. Prove to everyone how much power your car make with our Dyno, numbers don't lie.

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    Rage Racing Cam Gear
    by Whitfield Racing / Rage Performance

    Honda SOHC and DOHC Rage Racing Cam Gears Looking for that next step of power? Rage Racing has fabricated and manufactured their own cam gears for their personal in house projects for years now, and have had extraordinary success in everything fro...more