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LINN CREEK, MO 65052 US - map it
Phone:(573) 346-4409
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Description:Percys High Performance, Inc. & Percys High Performance, Inc. Parts offer - Since 1995 Percy’s High Performance, Inc. has grown to the industry\'s leading supplier of high performance gaskets and fabricated plastic systems.

Today, we supply not only the racing industry but the aerospace industry. Our fabricated plastics are additionally used in the food industry as sneeze-guards; to the home-land security as shields; to the Lottery as cashier windows.

The key operating principles at Percy’s High Performance, Inc. revolve around meeting customer goals for quality, performance, delivery and cost. Our ability to meet these goals stems from the breadth of products, our integrated approach to components and service, and our mission to maintain a system perspective. The results of this focus are seen everyday in the high-performance products, services and Percy’s High Performance, Inc. ease of business through a single point of contact, helping customers realize significant saving through lower development costs, reduced system risk, simplified logistics, and improved integration.

Percy’s High Performance motto is: \"PROBLEM SOLVED\" with products designed by the racer for the racer to help racing become safer, cheaper, and more fun by incorporating the latest technology into motor sports. It is the policy of Percy’s High Performance, Inc. that all products and services produced in an environment of continuous improvement will be delivered to our customers on time and meets or exceed all customer requirements with respect to performance, quality, and reliability. “We are committed to excellence and the success of our customers, shareholders, and employees by providing products and services that are of the highest quality and lowest cost to the worldwide aerospace and racing markets.”

U.S. PAT 5.693.262

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    by Percys High Performance, Inc.

    Percy’s Digital Exhaust Temperature Indicator gives you a long lasting, reliable, and accurate form of exhaust measurement. The D.E.T.I. has the capabilities to switch readings between cylinders, giving you the ability to match separate cylinders pe...more

    by Percys High Performance, Inc.

    With Percy’s accelerator pump kit, you can convert your 30cc Holley pump to a 50cc. You can also convert your 50cc pump to a 75cc unit. Whether you are coming off the line or out of the corner, these accelerator pumps will deliver the fuel! Perfec...more

    by Percys High Performance, Inc.

    Tired of taking your carburetor apart to fine tune it? If so, Percy’s High Performance has solved your problem with the Adjust-A-Jet metering block. The Adjust-A-Jet enables you to change your main jet flow with the twist of the screwdriver without...more

    by Percys High Performance, Inc.

    Percy's High Performance, Inc’s Seal 4 Good reusable header, collector, and carburetor baseplate gaskets have been solving problems since 1995. Even though some other manufacturers called their knock offs "new products" in 2007, Percy’s has been sea...more

    by Percys High Performance, Inc.

    Percy’s High Performance, Inc’s motto of “Problem Solved” is apparent with their new, reusable, Split-Lock fasteners. They are available in black oxide or stainless steel. No more worries of having your bolts backing out with this patented product. ...more

    by Percys High Performance, Inc.

    Tired of the caps falling off of your U joints when you pull your driveshaft? With The U Joint Saver, from Percy’s, this problem is solved. The U Joint Saver simply stretches over the u joint to secure the caps. Removal is quick and just as easy a...more

    by Percys High Performance, Inc.

    Solve the problem of buying a set of wheels, only to find out they don’t fit quite like you expected, by using the WheelRite from Percy’s High Performance. No more guessing as the WheelRite allows you to simulate wheel diameter, width and backspacin...more

    by Percys High Performance, Inc.

    Solve your exhaust gasket problems with XX Carbon flange and collector gaskets from Percy’s High Performance. XX Carbon gaskets are able to conform to the most uneven flange surfaces with their proprietary 100% carbon material. With the ability to ...more

    by Percys High Performance, Inc.

    Percy’s Oil Pump Dyno allows you to predetermine oil pump relief pressure prior to engine assembly. A must have tool for the engine builder! Detects oil pump wear. Percy’s has taken the “luck” out of getting the right oil pump pressure with the Oi...more

    by Percys High Performance, Inc.

    Percy’s High Performance, Inc., introduces new applications to their SPEEDGLASS RACING WINDOWS. SPEEDGLASS is the #1 racing window, and has proven that with the extensive list of applications already produced. The new applications added cover a var...more