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Address:165 N 1330 W, Ste A4
Orem, UT 84057 US - map it
E-mail: Contact STS Turbo - Squires Turbo Systems
Website:Go to STS Turbo - Squires Turbo Systems's website
Description:STS Turbo - Squires Turbo Systems & STS Turbo - Squires Turbo Systems Parts offer - STS TURBO's remote-mounted turbocharger systems have been recognized around the world as the most innovative technology available for dramatically increasing the horsepower of any vehicle. With the coolest intake air temperatures in the industry, we provide more horsepower per pound of boost than any other turbocharger or supercharger system -- all while eliminating the heat and fitment headaches of traditional front-mount systems. We patented the technology in 2003 and remain the only legally authorized company to design and sell remote-mounted turbo systems. We provide over 30 different high-quality complete bolt-on systems, various Universal Kits, and the best customer support in the industry. We invite you to discover the mind-blowing performance and amazing benefits of remote-mounted turbos that make STS the Smart Choice In Forced Induction!

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