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ACCEL Corrected HEI Cap Kit from ACCEL
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ACCEL Corrected HEI Cap Kit

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ACCEL Corrected GM HEI Cap & Rotor Kits for the final aesthetic touch to any GM V8 engine compartment with a HEI in-cap coil distributor. Are you tried of the looks of the spark plug wires wrapping around the HEI distributor cap to get to the other side of the engine? Don’t you wish you could eliminate the ugly spark plug wire cross over patterns? Well wish no more! Don’t mess around with one of those “remanufactured caps” of questionable quality or reputation. This is a brand new design distributor cap, manufactured on specifically purpose built mold tooling.

 With the ACCEL Corrected GM HEI distributor cap and rotor kit, the spark plug wires coming off each side of the cap stay on that side of the engine. All the even number cylinder spark plug wires on one side of the distributor cap and all the odd cylinder numbers spark plug wires on the other side. Simple, elegant and easy to install. And best of all, this ACCEL kit works on all GM HEI in-cap coil V8 and replacement HEI type distributors with tab hold down (not screw down) caps, including Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Oldsmobile and Pontiac V8 engines. The kit comes complete with a matching stylized balance rotor, a stylized coil dust cover and specialized spark plug wire holder and boot retaining ring to complete the clean look. All are molded in a glass reinforced 60 kV dielectric strength polymer for maximum performance and great looks.

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