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The Mighty Evolves: Important reforms for BGs Constant-duty Fuel Pumps from Barry Grant Inc
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The Mighty Evolves: Important reforms for BGs Constant-duty Fuel Pumps

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Description:Last month BG Fuel Systems announced fundamental changes in their range of King fuel pumps. Named QQM (Quiet, Quality, Mesh), the smaller BG Mighty pump has also undergone similar reforms, switching from Gerotor to a proven twin-spur gear design.

With a fuel-cooled continuous-duty motor, the BG Mighty is a high-volume fuel pump designed for carbureted or EFI hot rods and racing cars with power outputs of up to 750 HP. These pumps also support supercharged and turbocharged applications. For EFI applications, the Mighty Sumo (P/N 170041) delivers 800 lb/hr at 50 PSI while carbureted applications use the Mighty Enduro (P/N 170043) and deliver 800 lb/hr at 20 PSI

Both models feature a built-in cleanable/pleated stainless steel fuel filter with a unique dry-break arrangement that prevents fuel from leaking while inspecting or servicing the filter. Constructed from billet aluminum with anodized coatings applied to wear surfaces, the Mighty pumps contain neither shaft seals nor housing seals and are, therefore, leak-free. They are rebuildable and can be mounted horizontally or vertically.

N.B. To control the Sumos fuel pressure, use a BG Bypassing Regulator (part number 171023). Its internal components are fully corrosion-resistant and encased in an anodized billet-aluminum housing. Designed to control fuel pressure of up to 70 psi, the bypass features two 10 AN inlet ports, a 6 AN outlet, two ports to mount fuel-pressure gauges, as well as a boost-referencing port.

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