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Retrotek Speed / Professional Products EFI Systems  from Head Up Performance
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Retrotek Speed / Professional Products EFI Systems

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Retail Price:$1995.00

You are about to experience the most exciting aftermarket Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) advancement to date!

As EFI tuners and manufacturers we have taken our years of experience and technical assistance and developed a system incorporating all the factors missing in "Bolt On" systems currently available on the market. We have listened to the consumers and engineers. We build what we drive and drive what we build.
The main features we found the performance enthusiast desired was:

1. Ease of installation
2. Adaptive learning Engine Management System or EMS for short; that is easy to install and even easier to calibrate.
3. Pulse Width Modulator (PWM) and Single Fuel Line capabilities (although return line “Mechanical” regulated systems can be and are recommended for applications with over 500hp).
4. Correct dimensions; the manifold you use on your engine was chosen by YOU or YOUR engine builder for a reason, it matches the characteristics of your engine. Now you do not have to change your manifold to the single style other EFI manufacturers decided for you!!! Even though it may be perfect for your engine, it is a gamble.

5. Looks and ease of installation; although looks won’t win any races, but neither will your shiny paint! But it sure helps when it is accomplished with killer performance!

RetroTek Speed sells and supports Port Style EFI systems and agrees they have their place, but it should be up to YOU to make that choice. Look over the benefits of our Powerjection 1 and decide for yourself. We have done the testing side by side on the same engine; there is absolutely no measurable power difference between the Powerjection 1 and our port style Powerjection 2. One interesting thing we noticed was that the design of the Powerjection 1 actually promotes fuel distribution and atomization at lower engine speeds; same at idle, by spraying the fuel on top of the butterflies, where it should be. The OEM manufacturers moved the injectors into the ports on factory engines to meet emissions regulations NOT FOR POWER. Ask any PRO tuner and they will tell you “The higher you place an injector the better atomization and power you will make”. Don’t take our word for it ask around.

The Powerjection 1 was designed with practically identical dimensions as a double pumper carb and can be installed in minutes!

• The height is identical
• The length is identical
• The linkage is identical
• Your air cleaner size and location is identical
• And most importantly your Ram Air or “Shaker” style factory scoop won’t have to be moved or cut up to fit.
• Your engine compartment will retain that clean look of vintage muscle with just enough style to warn your competitors.

Powerjection 1 comes complete with:

• Exclusive billet throttle body (die cast also available)

• Stage II Engine Management System (EMS) with adaptive learning and Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) fuel system capabilities.
• Smart-Tune Technology (STT) “ Dashboard” Software

• Wideband O2 and bung included

• 1 bar Manifold Absolute Pressure (MAP) sensor

• Dual quad 2x4 systems available

• Complete sensor pack and gaskets


- PWM fuel system with return regulated fuel system
- 2 Bar Manifold Absolute Pressure (MAP) sensors for up to 15psi of boost.


All "Return" fuel systems include EFI fuel pump, EFI regulator, and fuel filter.

All "Returnless" fuel systems include a fuel pressure sensor (pre-installed on throttle body), EFI fuel pump, and fuel filter.

All "No Fuel System" kits include none of the above fuel system parts.

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