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Ford 289/302 Commander 950 MPFI Systems from Holley Performance Products
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Ford 289/302 Commander 950 MPFI Systems

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Commander 950 Multi–Point Fuel Injection Systems are designed to convert carbureted, non–emission, non–computerized Ford 289/302 engines to modern, fully programmable Multi–Point fuel injection. These are complete systems that are engineered to provide all the components and hardware needed for your custom installation. The aluminum intake manifold, billet aluminum throttle body, billet fuel rails, fuel injectors and related miscellaneous parts are partially assembled and tested prior to packaging. Holley takes this extra step in quality assurance to verify the performance, quality and integrity of the system With the addition of Commander 950 electronics, Holley multi–point fuel Injection systems offer more features, performance, greater system tunability and outright good looks. That translates to the best value on the market today. Whether your engine is stock, crate or custom–built, a Holley Commander 950 Multi–Point fuel Injection system can help maximize it's performance and make your driving a lot more enjoyable.


Multi-Point Electronic Fuel Injection Systems for Ford 289/302 and 5_0L Engines
HP Range* TB Diameter TB Flange Injector Size System P/N w/ Wideband O2 P/N
300-385 70mm Ford 5_0L 24 lb/hr 94103101 94103111
385-480 70mm Ford 5_0L 30 lb/hr 94104101 94104111
480-575 70mm Ford 5_0L 36 lb/hr 94105201 94105211
575-670 70mm Ford 5_0L 42 lb/hr 94106201 94106211
*Horse power levels are calculated using .45 BSFC and 90% fuel injector duty cicle

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