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Pro–Jection 2–Bbl Throttle Body System from Holley Performance Products
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Pro–Jection 2–Bbl Throttle Body System

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Pro-Jection Throttle Body Injection

Pro–Jection 2D Throttle Body Injection 670 cfm for GM, Chrysler, Ford, AMC Small/Big Block engines up to 275HP.


  • Complete stand-alone system which converts an carbureted engine to fuel injection
  • Improved Drivability
  • Fantastic Throttle Response
  • Greater Fuel Economy
  • Increased Power
  • Eliminate Fuel Problems
  • Polished Die Cast Alum Throttle Body
  • Fast Idle Solenoid
  • Factory Air Cleaner Assembly
  • It’s temperature-insulated and weather-sealed

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