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GM Airfoil Kit from Holley Performance Products
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GM Airfoil Kit

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Talk about a smooth operator! This Holley airfoil kit easily adapts to the stock GM throttle body on Chevrolet 5.7L TPI and LT1 engines used on Camaros and Firebirds. It acts to smooth out and minimize the turbulence of the incoming flow of air into the throttle body.
The September 2002 edition of GM HIGH–TECH PERFORMANCE magazine reported a 5.8 horsepower increase after installing this
Holley airfoil kit on a stock 1994 Camaro Z28 LT1, called “The Grape Of Wrath”.
Installation is easy; simply snap it into place in the mouth of the throttle body and it's ready to work. Made from space age elastomer, the
Holley airfoil will perform effectively and unobtrusively for years.


  • Smoothes and Minimizes Turbulence
  • Increases Air Flow
  • Creates More Horsepower
  • Easy Installation
  • Made From Space Age Elastomer
  • Effective And Unobtrusive
  • Long Lasting


Visit us at www.holley.com for more information.

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