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Thermo Cap from Mr Gasket Performance Group
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Thermo Cap

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Description: Enhanced Safety For You

Knowing your coolant termperature can help to prevent burn injuries. ThermoCap, with it's built-in calibrated thermometer, indicates the coolant temperature. This is useful information prior to cap removal. Never attempt to remove ThermoCap when the coolant temperature is very hot. The escaping hot coolant and steam may burn you. Check the ThermoCap temperature indicator to determine if the coolant is cool enough to make removing ThermoCap safe. If the coolant is very hot, thenthoroughly rinse the radiator with cool water, until the coolant temperature drops into a cooler safe zone ThermoCap's Integrated coolant reclamation valve works great with your coolant recovery system. Your radiator can reclaim coolant from your overflow bottle. Ehanced Safety For You with Thermo Cap!!!

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