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All Performance Valves are NOT Created Equal from REV Racing Engine Valves
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All Performance Valves are NOT Created Equal

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REV continuously upgrades their products an everincreasing need for better and stronger materials for todays higher horsepower race engines. From drag racing to endurance oval track and marine engines, REV has the right alloy and the right heat treat for long life and dependable service.

All of our valves feature Swirl-Polishing, which does result in increased airflow, but more importantly, increases the stregth of the valve head area. Competitors who machine poish valves leave micro fractures just as boring a cylinder with a boring bar does. These fractures can lead to premature valve failure.

TITANIUM: Used for extreme high RPM levels where valve weight and durability are of great importance, elevated exhaust temperatures are very important when considering titanium exhaust valves.

SUPER-ALLOYS: WASPALLOY/NIMONIC-90B IN-751 These Super-Alloys are primarily used for top fuel, funny car and offshore marine engines where exhaust temperatures are elevated to the 1800f-2000f ranges, this alloy should always be used when turbo charging or super charging is required.

EXTREME DUTY X-SERIES: NITRONIC is the alloy of choice for all out competition line of race valves, this alloy performs ceptionally well in many extreme applications such as high RPM and has greater temperature threshold vs. your EV-8 and EV-16 alloys.

COMPETITION SERIES: EV-8 Alloys are employed to manufacture our Competition CL Series line of valves. This material is a common material used in the industry to produce a good quality valve at a reasonable price, what makes our valve superior is our method of heat treat while our competitors are still stuck in oven style heat treat. REV has raised the bar with Solution Heat Treating. This type of heat treat is achieved with liquids allowing temperatures to be raised or decreased faster, more exact and efficient, vs. the Old Technology, Oven Style Heat Treat.

PERFORMANCE SERIES: HNV-3/EV-12 REV uses these materials for our performance street/strip or restricted claimer style motors. This valve dollar for dollar is the absolute best available in today's market. Many of our clients have informed us of the use of this valve in some solid roller cam applications with no problems, we do not recommend that atmosphere for this particular line but the results speak for themselves.


Most valve companies offer stainless steel valves, but how do they compare? I am sure the forks and spoons are made from stainless steel, but would they make a quality valve? probably not.

The point is this: unless the manufacturere tells you exactly what grade of material is used for their products, it is anybody's guess what that part is capable of. Dreaming up fancy sounding names DOES NOT assure you of a quality piece. REV uses only material indentified to international standards as appropriate for that job at hand. From forging to heat treatment, and every step along the way, our production processses insure your parts perform as expected, with no disapppointments, headaches or additional expenses.

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