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Royal Purple Racing ATF from Royal Purple Ltd.
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Royal Purple Racing ATF

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Description:Royal Purple Racing ATF is a high performance lubricant designed for racing automatic transmissions using Ford Type F fluids.

Royal Purple Racing ATF incorporates our trademark high oil film strength technology 'Synerlec' resulting in 300% improved wear protection compared to traditional Type F fluids. Using a combination of select base stocks, the Royal Purple Racing ATF also excels at high temperature oxidation resistance, anti-foaming, corrosion and rust protection and longer oil life.

Field testing in GM, Ford, and Chrysler drag racing transmissions has shown Royal Purple Racing ATF to be very consistent in pass-to-pass performance and resulted in the doubling or tripling of transmission component and fluid life.

The Royal Purple Racing ATF is not recommended for any stock automatic transmissions or for street use where a friction modified fluid is recommended such as a GM Dexron III or Ford Mercon fluid. For street or stock automatic transmissions calling for a GM Dexron / Ford Mercon fluid, we recommend the Royal Purple Max ATF.

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