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New 7-Pound Composite/Modular Intake from Wilson Manifolds
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New 7-Pound Composite/Modular Intake

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Description:Wilson Manifolds, the leader in manifold technology continues to raise the standard with the unveiling of its patent-pending, revolutionary Composite Modular Intake Manifold for 23-degree (Gen I) standard and raised-runner small-block Chevy heads. Made out of a proprietary composite polymer for strength and durability, the new modular intake weighs just 7 pounds (10-15 pounds lighter than traditional aluminum intakes). The composite material also rejects heat better than aluminum, and combined with a valley tray that isolates the plenum and runners from hot engine oil, intake charge density and power are maximized.

The Wilson modular design incorporates a separate valley cover tray that features an internal front-to-rear water passage connecting front and rear water crossovers for more even cooling and more power. The bolt-together "Spider" (plenum & runners) can be easily separated into two halves for modification. Spiders can be easily switched from engine-to-engine, or you can fine-tune your combination with different spiders. However, this manifold is race ready out-of-the-box for all types of competition with Wilson's most advanced manifold designs and flow technology. In fact, it has shown up to a 20+hp advantage over competitor's race manifolds. It is an excellent manifold for racing classes that require a box stock production manifold.

Added features include bonded reusable plenum and valley tray gaskets, dual distributor hold-down bosses and spot drill points for nitrous installation. Versions of the new Wilson Composite Modular manifold will be available for Dominator carbs and other applications soon. For more information please contact Wilson Manifolds Manifolds, 4700 N.E. 11th Ave., Fort Lauderdale, FL 33334. Phone 954.771.6216; Fax 954.771.3413. Or visit them at: www.wilsonmanifolds.com

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