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Extreme Performance and Racing oils
by Royal Purple Ltd.

Are you taking your cars to the extreme? Then, why not use an oil specially formulated for just that, extremes. Royal Purple's New XPR (Extreme Performance and Racing oils) are formulated for ultra-performance applications such as racing, high-perfor...more

by Royal Purple Ltd.

Maxfilm is a tough, long-lasting, multipurpose synthetic lubricant that excels in many applications. Once applied, it leaves a strong film that provides long-lasting protection against wear, rust and corrosion. It also deeply penetrates, cleans and l...more

Royal Purple Specialty Racing Oils
by Royal Purple Ltd.

Royal Purple Specialty Racing Oils are popular in all forms of motor sports, from NASCAR and NHRA to the World of Outlaws and Bonneville Salt Flats. Professional engine builders and race teams have cited increased horsepower and longer engine life wi...more

Royal Purple Racing ATF
by Royal Purple Ltd.

Royal Purple Racing ATF is a high performance lubricant designed for racing automatic transmissions using Ford Type F fluids. Royal Purple Racing ATF incorporates our trademark high oil film strength technology 'Synerlec' resulting in 300% improve...more

Royal Purple 2-Cycle TCW III
by Royal Purple Ltd.

Royal Purple 2-Cycle TCW III is recommended for use in both pre-mixed and oil injected gasoline two-cycle engines in outboard motors, motorcycles, jet skis, chain saws, etc. Royal Purple 2-Cycle TCW III is a high performance engine oil that improv...more

Royal Purple’s Synthetic Lubricants
by Royal Purple Ltd.

Dreading the hills ahead of you? Worried about overheating or something breaking from the stress of your load? Tired of spending a fortune each trip to get there and back? Upgrading lubricants in your tow vehicle can save you time, money, and headach...more

Purple Ice
by Royal Purple Ltd.

Purple Ice® is a high performance, synthetic, radiator coolant additive for both gasoline and diesel engines. It is formulated to reduce the surface tension of the coolant, which improves heat transfer through the cooling system while providing addit...more

Synchromax and Max ATF High-Performance Fluids
by Royal Purple Ltd.

Towing, hauling, racing, serious street performance and other conditions that put a heavy load on a transmission cause significant heat and wear. These demanding conditions often lead to transmission failure at the most inconvenient times. High-per...more

Prevent Seal Leaks And Deterioration with Royal Purple’s Max EZ
by Royal Purple Ltd.

As all mechanics and car guys know there are really two main problems that people experience with their power steering pump; cracks and leaks from faulty seals or that annoying whine when making turns. Royal Purple has heard numerous people complain...more

Royal Purple motor oil
by Royal Purple Ltd.

Royal Purple motor oil is proven in numerous independent university and industry tests to increase horsepower and torque, save fuel, reduce heat, wear and emissions, and safetly reduce the number of oil changes needed.  Test data is available at...more

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