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Guide Plates That Fit!
by Dart Machinery

Dart's new adjustable pushrod guide plates for big-block Chevys are designed to fit without requiring cutting, welding, bending & tweaking. Just position as needed and tighten the self-locking fasteners. This design eliminates one of the long-stand...more

Dart Introduces New Billet Aluminum LS1-Style Block
by Dart Machinery

Racers and engine builders can get virtually anything they want in an LS1-style block with Dart's new billet aluminum block. Machined on precision CNC equipment from a solid billet of 6061 aluminum, the Dart LS1 block offers virtually unlimited choic...more

Cylinder Head
by Dart Machinery

Dart has breathed new life into the venerable Chevy big-block V-8 with new 18-degree cylinder heads. This head retains the big-block's conventional siamesed intake ports, but adds Pro Stock technology with high-velocity oval intake ports. ...more

Darts New Race Series Tall-Deck Big-Block
by Dart Machinery

Dart's new Race Series tall-deck big-block takes the venerable Rat motor to new heights with a choice of 10.600-inch or 11.100 deck heights and cylinders that can be bored to 4.700 inches the recipe for a 763-cubic-inch monster motor....more

Darts Exhaust Face
by Dart Machinery

The PRO 1's raised symmetrical exhaust ports are .900-inch higher than stock. The short-side radius is raised to produce a more gradual turn for the exhaust gases, reducing turbulence and improving flow. Fully radiused exhaust seats provide a smooth ...more

Valve Springs
by Dart Machinery

Coating the valve springs can significantly extend the life of these highly stressed components. Coated springs will maintain pressure longer and are less likely to break than uncoated springs. ...more

Camshaft Bearings
by Dart Machinery

Coated camshaft bearings are standard equipment in Dart Race Series engine blocks. Coated bearings won't spin under the high loads produced by stiff valve springs, high-ratio rocker arms and aggressive camshaft profiles. ...more

Iron Eagle Platinum Series Heads
by Dart Machinery

In 1997, DART revolutionized the small block cast iron cylinder heads market with the release of the Iron Eagle. Now, seven years later, Dart is introducing the next generation Iron Eagle; the Platinum Series. Using proprietary Speed Flow technology,...more

Dart Sportsman Ford small-blocks
by Dart Machinery

Dart Sportsman Ford small-blocks are a cost saving version of our Iron Eagle block. They use ductile main caps with 4-bolt centers and 2-bolt end caps, and do not include the coated cam bearings, freeze plugs and dowels which come with the ...more

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