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by Trick-Tools (Div of Van Sant Enterprises)

The MetalAce product line will continue to be offered through an extensive dealer network. MetalAce dealers will also have access to other metal shaping items that compliment the wheels such as deep throat shrinkers and barrel/bossing mallets. Vi...more

Complete Line of Multitool Grinder Attachments!
by Trick-Tools (Div of Van Sant Enterprises)

These high-quality attachments fit most standard bench grinders to become one of the most useful tools in any metal fabricating shop. With 5 attachments to meet the fabricators grinding application, these tools are sure to perform beyond expectations...more

Dake Power Hammer!
by Trick-Tools (Div of Van Sant Enterprises)

The Dake Power Hammer is the perfect alternative to large and expensive Pullmax machines for the serious metal shaper. With a small footprint and lots of power, this machine can handle almost any automotive or aircraft application and will accept Pul...more

Multitool Hurricane Belt & Disc Grinder
by Trick-Tools (Div of Van Sant Enterprises)

The Multitool "Hurricane" is unique combination of a 2x36" belt and 7" disc grinder. The machine is powered with a 3/4 HP Continuous-Duty rated & Fan- Cooled motor that will withstand even the toughest environments. Used by fabricators for deburring,...more

Kick Shrinker Tool
by Trick-Tools (Div of Van Sant Enterprises)

The KSM 155 is a professional quality foot-activated shrinker and stretcher unit. With a 6" throat depth, it makes forming compound panels quick and easy. Shrinker and Stretcher jaws are included and swap out in seconds with the included allen wrench...more

JMR High Capacity Tube Notcher
by Trick-Tools (Div of Van Sant Enterprises)

This tubing notcher is the highest quality and most versatile hole saw notcher on the market. The arbor swings in a 210 degree arc around the clamp which can handle up to 2.5" tubing. It is manufactured from bar stock, not plate, to increase strength...more

Boyd-Built Sheet Metal Brakes
by Trick-Tools (Div of Van Sant Enterprises)

These sheet metal brakes from Boyd-Built are available in 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12 foot models. The smallest 3 models will bend 18 gauge steel or .090" aluminum. The 10 and 12' models will accommodate 20 gauge steel or .068 aluminum. They feature several i...more

The Original Power Drive Bead Roller
by Trick-Tools (Div of Van Sant Enterprises)

The original MB power drive bead roller is the sturdiest machine on the market.  Common uses include beading interior sheet metal, flanging wheel wells, offsets for overlapping panels, and shearing.  The standard machine can easily handle ....more

Slugger Metal Cutting Saw
by Trick-Tools (Div of Van Sant Enterprises)

"The Most Incredible Power Tool invention of the Decade""Cuts Steel as Easily as Cutting Plywood" This dry cutting metal saw is something you have to see to believe. It literally cuts through 1/4" plate steel like a normal circular saw cuts wood. Gr...more

Bend Tech EZ Tube Bending Software
by Trick-Tools (Div of Van Sant Enterprises)

Bend Tech Software has programs designed for everyone from the hobbyist to the manufacturing pro. Design a part using your finished part dimensions. The software will calculate how long to cut your tube and where to start each bend.  Pro an...more

Pipemaster tube notching rules
by Trick-Tools (Div of Van Sant Enterprises)

PipeMasters are the perfect companion to any of our tube notchers. These timesavers will easily pay for themselves when fitting tube or pipe together. The tool is designed to slip over the tube with a .020" clearance or can be used fre...more

HB1 Tube Bending Machine
by Trick-Tools (Div of Van Sant Enterprises)

Introducing the HB1 Hand Tube Bending Machine for up to 5/8" OD tubing. Heavy duty steel construction ensures lasting quality for bending custom fuel, brake, and hydraulic lines, even small diameter chassis tubing. Quick setup and simple operation ma...more

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